Home of the 2020 Harvard Middle School Champions and High School Varsity Finalists

Elisa S.

Debate Coach

Coach Elisa founded Potomac Debate Academy in 2014. She was motivated to spread the joys of competitive debate to students because public speaking and debate bolsters students' critical thinking, logical reasoning, and presentation skills, all of which will serve students well regardless of their future pursuits. Her love and passion for debate started in high school, where she participated in Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Public Forum competitions. In college, she was a member of the New York University Parliamentary Debate Team and an active participant of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA). In 2010, she had the honor of representing both New York University and the United States in the World Debate Championships, in Antalya, Turkey.  Coach Elisa holds a B.A. in Political Science from New York University, a J.D. from University of Virginia School of Law, and a M.S.Ed. from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Coach Elisa is also an attorney, specializing in issues affecting higher education. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and two dogs.

KC Headshot.jpeg

Kirsten C.

Debate Coach

Coach Kirsten joined Potomac Debate as a coach fall 2017. Her debate journey started in high school where she competed for three years in Public Forum, Policy, and Extemp.  As a competitor, Coach Kirsten often advanced to out rounds and qualified for multiple national tournaments. Following high school, she went on to compete in college at Gustavus, which was home to a top ten speech program on a speech and debate scholarship. During her first year on the team, she broke at national tournaments and qualified to the National Forensics Association National Tournament in four events.  Following her freshman year, she moved to South Dakota to finish her degree and pursue a coaching opportunity, where she coached Public Forum, Policy, and Extemp for three years. During her first year as a coach, two of her students made history as the first team ever from South Dakota to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. During her second year coaching, her teams were in the final policy debate round at the National Speech and Debate Tournament, out rounds at Catholic Nationals, and participated at the Tournament of Champions. Coach Kirsten has a MBA and MPP  from the University of Maryland.

Noah M.

Debate Coach

Coach Noah joined Potomac Debate as a travel coach spring 2018 and coaches public forum, accompanying students to national circuit competitions including Tournament of Champions. As a debater, Coach Noah competed in Public Forum, Extemporaneous and Original Oratory. He reached late out-rounds at several national tournaments including Harvard, Isidore Newman, NFL Nationals, and qualified to the Tournament of Champions his junior and senior year. Afterwards, he coached for his alma mater and competed on the collegiate circuit in American Parliamentary Debate Association. Coach Noah is a current senior majoring in Political Science & Statistics at The George Washington University. 


Mai R.

Debate Coach

Coach Mai is a senior at Florida State University who debates on its Parliamentary Debate team. In high school, Mai debated in Public Forum for Boca Raton Community High School and achieved late outrounds at the Sunvitational as well as winning prelim finishes at Harvard, Emory, and Yale. As a coach, Mai has coached two teams to be the first debaters in their programs to ever qualify to the Tournament of Champions, as well as a top 20 finish at the 2018 NSDA National Tournament. In college parliamentary debate, Mai has won almost every tournament he competed at in Florida throughout the 2018-2019 season, with a semifinal finish at the State Championships.


Chetan R.

Debate Coach

Coach Chetan joined Potomac Debate as a coach fall 2020. Coach Chetan graduated from Plano West Senior High School, where he captained the team during his senior year. He primarily competed in Public Forum, breaking to late outrounds at Grapevine, Hockaday, Churchill, and the University of Texas, reaching outrounds of the TFA State tournament twice, and qualifying to NSDA nationals twice, placing in the top 25 his junior year. He also qualified to the Tournament of Champions his senior year in Domestic Extemp, placing 2nd at Winston Churchill. After graduating, he coached for two years at Plano's Jasper High School, where his teams reached late outrounds at many national circuit tournaments.

Ben K.

Debate Coach

Coach Ben debated for Stuyvesant High School and in his senior year alone, he earned 11 gold bids, championed 5 bid tournaments and CFL Nationals, and semifinaled at the TOC. For the next 3 years, Ben was the only PF coach for Hunter High School, where in that time, his teams closed out Princeton and Villiger, won Bronx and Columbia, finaled at Ridge, Pennsbury, Lexington, UPenn, and Scarsdale, broke as high as 2nd seed at the ToC, and earned 27 total gold bids. Aside from debate, Ben enjoys reading about history and plans on attending law school next fall!

Ethan L.

Debate Coach

Coach Ethan is currently a senior at The University of Maryland at College Park, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Throughout high school, Ethan was on the Potomac Debate team, serving as the Captain his senior year. During his captainship, Ethan not only qualified for Silver TOC but helped mentor numerous JV and novice teammates who went onto do the same. As a college debater, he currently debates for the Maryland Parliamentary Debate Team and has placed nationally as a varsity speaker within the American Parliamentary Debate Association. As a PF coach, he has mentored teams that have went on to qualify for NSDA Nationals and Tournament of Champions.

David Yao.png

David Y.

Debate Coach

David is currently a junior at Georgetown University. He is majoring in economics and computer science. In high school, David debated for Potomac and found success on the national circuit. His accomplishments include breaking at Georgetown, Penn, and twice at TOC silver division along with placing first at the NSDA Chesapeake qualifier. David is currently doing American Parliamentary in college and is on the Georgetown Parliamentary team. During his freshman year, he placed third at the Hopkins novice tournament, championed at Penn novice, and achieved a top 16 finish at the American University Pro-ams. This is David's second year coaching at Potomac. Teams he has coached have broke and reached late out-rounds at GMU, Georgetown, Capitol Beltway, Durham, and Lakelands. The teams he has coached have also qualified for the TOC. 

Daniel J.

Debate Coach

Daniel is currently a junior at Princeton University studying political economy. He debated public forum for four years at Stuyvesant High School in New York City--serving as captain and junior varsity director as a junior and senior. Competitively, Daniel has accrued fifteen bids to the tournament of champions and was named top speaker at two major national tournaments: Princeton and Blake. He also championed the Harvard round robin and finaled at the Glenbrooks tournament in Chicago and the Harvard Invitational. He is incredibly excited to share his love for debate, public speaking, and public policy with his students!

Zach G.

Debate Coach

Zach is currently a history student at Columbia University. He was the president of Stuyvesant High School’s speech & debate team, ranking 1st in the nation his senior year. Zach reached semifinals or further at Blake, GMU, Ridge, Bronx, Scarsdale, Glenbrooks, and Princeton and was a top 5 speaker at Bronx, Harvard, and Columbia. He championed the Columbia Invitational, placed in the top 10 at all three national tournaments, and accrued a total of 15 bids to the Tournament of Champions throughout his career.  Zach has been the head coach of Trinity School NYC for two years, as well as having worked at a two-week intensive NSD Public Forum debate camp for 4 summers in a row.


Evans C.

Debate Coach

Evans is currently a student at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Statistics and Machine Learning. Throughout high school, Evans was active on both his high school’s debate team, as well as the Potomac Debate team, serving as Captain for the former during his senior year. His accomplishments include qualifying for TOC Silver, breaking at every regional tournament he attended, as well as placing as Co-champions with his Potomac teammates at UVA’s Cavalier Clash. Evans has also been coaching debate for over six years. Starting off as an assistant coach in high school, he eventually became a full-fledged coach and even the head coach of Potomac’s Summer Debate Camp. Evans has taught numerous classes and has personally coached over 100 students, many of whom have gone on to bid for TOC and clear to elimination rounds on the national circuit. 


Juan P.

Debate Coach

Coach Juan joined Potomac Debate Academy during the winter 2021 season. Close to a decade into his debate career, his love and passion for debate have yet to wane. As a high school student, Coach Juan participated mainly in Policy debate and helped mentor and expand his team as captain during his junior and senior years. As a member of the Boston Debate League, he went on to receive multiple top speaker, championship, and semifinalist awards and was part of one of the two first pairs in the league to break at Harvard. In college, he was a member of the Carnegie Mellon University Parliamentary Debate Team as an active debater, occasional judge, and dedicated officer. He is adamant that debate is most and foremost about activating and training your critical thinking skills, and he’s committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to gets to experience what that feels like.


Mark C.

Debate Coach

Coach Mark is a Howard County Public School Teacher who has taught elementary school for nearly a decade. In his role, he serves as a Gifted and Talented (G/T) Resource Teacher, where he works with students to hone critical skills such as logical reasoning, reading, writing, and communication skills--all skills that are vital and further honed in the debate and public speaking world. He brings with him a passion for working with young students to help mold their futures within and beyond academia, because above all else Coach Mark believes every student has potential and such potential can be harnessed into advocacy. Coach Mark has also been a part of the Potomac Debate family, where he is a fixture of the summer debate camp program, taking a hands-on and dynamic approach to teaching public speaking and debate. His students have gone on to lead successful debate careers at the regional and national middle and high school levels. Finally, according to his girlfriend, Coach Mark enjoys arguing. Coach Mark enjoys fishing, bowling, cooking, and the outdoors.


Keshav K.

Debate Coach

Keshav competed in Public Forum for 4 years at Mission San Jose High School in California. He reached the final round of the TOC, won the Harvard Round Robin, the University of the Pacific tournament, and the Presentation Invitational, and reached quarterfinals at the NCFL National tournament, the California State Tournament, the Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, and Stanford. At MSJ, he captained the PF team, working directly with novices on the basics of PF and success in the activity. During the 2017-18 season, he coached debate teams to nine total bids including semifinal appearances at the George Mason and Laird Lewis Invitationals. He has also taught at a number of PF camps. He will be graduating from Vanderbilt University this spring with degrees in Neuroscience and Philosophy.


Prak B.

Debate Coach

Coach Prak is currently a junior at Vanderbilt University, where he studies Computer Science and Economics. Prak debated for Johnston High School in Iowa for four years, where he was the Team Captain and qualified to the NSDA National tournament and the Tournament of Champions twice each. Throughout his career, he won many tournaments, including the Milo Cup, the Dowling Paradigm, the Valley Mid-America Cup, and the Iowa Forensic League State Tournament. Since graduating, Prak has coached numerous teams across the country to qualify to the TOC and NSDA Nationals. Outside of debate, Prak loves watching basketball and playing poker.

Adriana K. Head Shot.jpg

Adriana K. 

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Adriana is a rising freshman at Stanford University. She debated for four years for Durham Academy, and qualified to the TOC twice and to NSDA Nationals three times during her career. Highlights include reaching outrounds at tournaments such as Blue Key, Glenbrooks, Harvard, Yale, and Bronx, championing the Glenbrooks Round Robin, and co-championing the GMU Patriot Games Classic. During her senior year, she top spoke the Glenbrooks Round Robin, Harvard Round Robin, Yale, and Emory. She helps lead a student ambassador/mentorship program at her school and has worked with students as a novice trainer for her school's debate team.


Eden M. 

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Eden is a third-year student at Emory University studying international affairs and quantitative sciences. As a debater for Charles W. Flanagan High School in South Florida, she accumulated a dozen bids to the Tournament of Champions and ranked second in the country. Eden won nearly every major tournament in the South, including Emory, the Ivy Street Round Robin, the Sunvitational, the Tradition twice, the Tradition Round Robin twice, Titan, and the FFL State championship. After finishing second at NSDA Nationals, she went on to mentor and coach numerous middle and high school debaters from across the United States. 

Kevin Z.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Kevin is a first-year student at UC Berkeley, planning to double major in Business and Economics. He debated for Thomas S. Wootton High School, where he served as Captain. More importantly, Kevin has been a part of the Potomac Family since he was a pee-wee freshman, serving as a Captain in senior year. Kevin was also the first from his school to fully qualify to the TOC, attaining 7 senior year bids from national tournaments like Yale, Bronx, and the Barkley Forum. Most notably, Kevin reached finals at the Harvard Invitational. By the end of his senior year, Kevin was ranked 6th in the country. Having taught at multiple debate camps, Kevin is thrilled to coach Potomac debaters.

BenO (1).png

Ben O. 

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Ben is a rising freshman at Georgetown University. He debated for the Bronx High School of Science for four years in New York City, serving as the team captain in his junior and senior years. He has championed the Yale, Glenbrooks, and Princeton tournaments, reached finals at Harvard and Penn, and reached elimination rounds at the TOC. He broke at every single national varsity tournament attended after his first, and attained a gold bid at nearly all tournaments attended his junior and senior year, attaining 12 career gold bids to the TOC and qualifying since sophomore year. He was ranked as high as 2nd in the nation his junior year and finished his senior year ranked 1st in the nation. He loves mentoring those younger than him, having been a counselor at sleepaway camp, the director of his school’s student mentorship program, and a captain responsible for coaching younger debaters on the largest PF squad in the nation.

James Chen.png

James C.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach James is currently a junior at the University of Chicago, where he studies economics and political science. James debated for five years, where he achieved great success in national competition. He championed the Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, and UPenn tournaments. By the end of his career, he was the #1 Ranked debater in the nation. James was also the president of his 150-member debate team, and he led his younger teammates to victories at the novice state tournament 3 years in a row. As a coach, James has mentored teams to win the Princeton tournament and break at various national circuit tournaments. 

Sarah P.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Sarah is senior at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations School where she studies Public Policy, Business and Applied Economics. She debated Public Forum at Millburn High School in New Jersey for four years where she taught the middle school debate program. Throughout her career, Sarah broke to elimination rounds at eighteen national tournaments, amassed seven bids to the Tournament of Champions, and was ranked as high as 11th in the nation. She also won numerous speaker awards including second speaker at the UPenn Liberty Bell Classic and fourth speaker at the Valley Mid-America Cup. Since graduating, Sarah has coached at the Institute for Speech and Debate, Champion Briefs Institute, and Victory Briefs Institute. She also coached numerous teams to impressive finishes, including the champion of the Harvard Invitational. Sarah is passionate about increasing access to debate and has started a debate league in Kenya with 15 schools and growing. She has also worked at the Department of Justice and is currently studying in DC where she’ll work at the Council of Economic Advisers if the government ever reopens. 

Morgan S.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Morgan is a freshman at the University of Virginia studying biomedical engineering. He debated for 4 years in Public Forum for The Blake School in Minneapolis, MN. During his 3 years on the circuit, he won the Tournament of Champions where he participated in elimination rounds three years in a row. He was often seen in late elimination rounds at national invitationals such as UK, Harvard, Georgetown, Blake, and Penn, and championed The Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, the Minnesota State Championship, and the NDCA National Championship. Over the course of his career, he amassed 12 bids to the TOC, earning a bid at every single tournament he attended his senior year, which he finished off having won the Baker award for Public Forum Excellence. Having served as captain of a team of over 60 debaters, and worked for programs such as The National Debate Forum, Morgan has been working with younger debaters for years and loves working with Potomac.

Gaurav A.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Gaurav is a junior at Georgetown University where he plans to double major in Finance and Operations and Information Management. He competed in Public Forum at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Massachusetts and served as team captain for two years. Gaurav was the first debater from his school to qualify to and break to elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions and amassed a total of six bids throughout his career. Some of his notable accomplishments included reaching semifinals at the Columbia Invitational and quarterfinals at the Yale and New York City Invitationals. He also reached the finals of both the Harvard and Blake Round Robins and was ranked as high as 3rd in the nation. Students Gaurav previously coached have won a number of tournaments including the Princeton Invitational, the Georgetown Invitational, and the Massachusetts State Championship. Having taught debate to students from a variety of age ranges and skill levels, Gaurav strives to make the activity as accessible and enjoyable as possible!

Kelly Z.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Kelly is a sophomore at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. If she can ever make up her mind on what she wants to study, she'll have a major. In high school, Kelly competed in Public Forum Debate for four years and International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX) for three years. In Public Forum, Kelly reached late elimination rounds at tournaments such as the University of the Pacific, Santa Clara University, and the UC Berkeley Invitational. Notably, she semifinaled and won first place speaker at the Berkeley Invitational and championed the SCU Invitational. In IX, she was the California state champion and placed in the Top 30 IX competitors in the nation two years in a row. Since graduating, Kelly has coached at the National Debate Forum and National Symposium for Debate. Her students have reached late outrounds at numerous national tournaments and qualified to the TOC. 

Joey H.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Joey is currently taking a gap year, and will be attending the University of Pennsylvania next year. In high school, Joey debated for Potomac and Winston Churchill High School, where he served as team captain. Throughout his career, Joey has reached elimination rounds at many national circuit tournaments, including Harvard, Yale, and UPenn, with late outround finishes at Georgetown, the Sunvitational, and Durham. He qualified to the Tournament of Champions in the Gold Division his junior year, becoming the first team to do so in team history. Since graduating, he has coached at various camps. 

Thomas Gill.jpeg

Thomas G.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Thomas is a sophomore at Rice University in Houston Texas. He debated at the Blake School in Minneapolis. Throughout his career, he broke at national tournaments including UK, Bronx, Glenbrooks, and Apple Valley. He also performed well at the state level, placing second his junior year and reaching quarterfinals his senior year. He also performed well in championship season, reaching quarterfinals at NDCA his junior year, and closing it out his senior year, placing 11th at NSDA his junior year and 9th his senior year, and breaking at TOC his junior year and was the Champion his senior year. He is working at NDF Boston and the Intensive the summer of 2019.

Ryan Jiang.jpg

Ryan J.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Ryan is a sophomore at Princeton University. He founded the Public Forum program at Corona del Sol High School in Arizona, where he competed for four years. During his two years competing on the national circuit, he acquired 8 bids to the Tournament of Champions, qualifying both his junior and senior year, and Ryan was ranked as high as 2nd in the country his senior year. Most notably, Ryan championed the Bronx Science Invitational, the Golden Desert Invitational, and the Millard North and Presentation Voices Round Robins. He also final’d at both the Barkley Forum at Emory and at the Arizona State University Invitational, and reached late out-rounds at NSDA Nationals, Glenbrooks, Harvard, and Yale. Individually, he received multiple speaker awards, including 3rd at Yale, 2nd at Glenbrooks, 2nd at the Ivy Street Round Robin, 3rd at the Harvard Round Robin, and 19th at the Tournament of Champions. As the founder of the Public Forum program at his school, Ryan coached his novices to success in both novice and varsity. His novices have championed the Novice PF division of the ASU Invitational, reached semi-finals in the varsity division of the Arizona State Championship, and acquired a bid at SWSDIT to the Tournament of Champions. 

Jonathan G.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Jon is currently a sophomore at The University of Maryland at College Park, where he plans to double major in Economics and Computer Science. In high school, Jon competed as a Public Forum Debater for four years, serving as his team’s captain during his junior and senior year. Throughout his career, Jon reached late elimination rounds at national tournaments such as Harvard, Princeton, and Big Lex. In his senior year, Jon achieved 3rd place at the NCFL Grand National Tournament and championed the Massachusetts State Tournament. Students that Jon has taught have gone on to great success, with their accomplishments ranging from finaling at the MA Novice State Tournament to qualifying for the Tournament of Champions.

Paulina Song Headshot (1).jpg

Paulina S.

Travel Debate Coach

Paulina is currently a junior at Georgetown University studying international politics. In high school, Paulina debated for Potomac's Public Forum team. She was also Co-President of the National Cathedral School Debate Team for two years. Her accomplishments include breaking at Georgetown and GMU. She also placed first at DCUDL twice and the Club Debate League Championships.


Ilana C.W.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Ilana is currently on a gap year in which she is coaching debate, helping out with a presidential campaign, and working with organizations that help climate refugees. In high school she debated in Public Forum for The Dalton School for three years. She qualified to the Tournament of Champions in the gold division her junior and senior year, reaching outrounds her senior year. She placed 15th at NSDA Nationals her senior year and reached elimination rounds at many national circuit tournaments, including the New York Invitational, Princeton, Harvard, Ridge, and many others. She received many speaker awards including third speaker at Princeton, Ridge, and Villiger, and top speaker at the Byram Hills Invitational and the Westridge Round Robin. She has coached at many institutions: the National Debate Forum, the National Symposium for Debate, the Victory Briefs Institute, the Public Forum division of the University of Texas Debate camp, and the Beyond Resolved debate camp.  


Kate S.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Kate is a sophomore at Stanford University, where she plans to study philosophy and political science. She debated for The Bromfield School in Massachusetts, where she co-captained the team in her junior and senior year. Competitively, she top-spoke at Yale, was the first debater from her school to qualify to the TOC, and was the furthest advancing womxn debater at NSDA Nationals in 2019, placing 10th overall. Last year, she coached Saratoga High School, where her students obtained 12 bids to the TOC. She has also coached at the Victory Briefs Institute for the past two summers, serving as the curriculum director this year, and she continues to compete in parliamentary debate in college.


Carter T.

Travel Debate Coach

Coach Carter is currently a first-year Aerospace Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In high school, Carter competed in Public Forum with Potomac. He was the first to fully qualify to Gold TOC from his high school, amassing 8 bids over his career and tying for the most in the nation his senior year. Carter broke at every tournament in his senior year, championing Lakelands and GMU, along with other late outround finishes such as finals at Harvard and semifinals at the Sunvitational. Having taught debate numerous groups and camps, Carter is thrilled to be coaching with Potomac.

IMG_8492 3 (2).jpg


Team Captain

Michelle is a current senior in the IB program at Richard Montgomery High School. In public forum debate, Michelle was ranked as high as 5th in the nation for the 2018-2019 season (ending the year as the top-ranked sophomore team), and as high as 3rd in the nation for the 2019-2020 season. She has qualified to the Tournament of Champions two times (being the first in school history to do so) and to NSDA Nationals twice, finishing in the top 32 her junior year. She has championed the Georgetown Invitational, Maryland States, and the Chesapeake Bay District Qualifiers (MD, DC, VA), accumulating five gold bids over the span of her six-year debate career. Passionate about extending debate to others, Michelle founded the national debate team at her school to ensure access to national circuit tournaments for other RM students. Over her time as captain, she has tripled the number of qualifiers to the Tournament of Champions. 


Team Captain

Hey! I'm Jason. I joined debate in my freshman year of high school and I’ve loved it ever since--I particularly like the critical thinking and presentational aspects. I’ve obtained a career total of 5 gold bids to the Tournament of Champions, been ranked as high as Top 10 in the nation for Public Forum debate, and reached Top 31 at NSDA Nationals. I also championed the Georgetown Invitational and Maryland States. I currently preside over my school’s national circuit debate team, as well as run my own debate tutoring organization. Besides debating, I love to teach debate and see students I mentor grow and learn. Outside of debate, I like reading, swimming, and eating cool food. 


Team Captain

Navin has served as the captain for the Winston Churchill debate team since 2018. He is the first student in his school's history to qualify for the Tournament of Champions in the Gold Division and has qualified for the past three years in a row (less than 2% of debaters qualify). Navin is also the first student from Potomac Debate Academy to reach elimination rounds in the Gold Division of the TOC. He qualified for NSDA nationals the past 2 years and was the District champion his sophomore year. This past year, he reached elimination rounds at many national tournaments, receiving multiple Gold Bids to the Tournament of Champions, and was top 10 seeded at 5 separate varsity tournaments including Harvard where he was #2 seed out of nearly 400 entries. Currently, Navin is ranked #1 in Maryland and Top 10 in the nation by NSDA. He has a passion for debate, loves organizing team events, and wants to help every student reach their full potential.

IMG_1293 (1) (1).jpg


Team Captain

Christina is a senior at Thomas S. Wootton HS, where she has served as captain for two years, and has debated with Potomac Debate Academy for three years. As a national competitor, Christina has reached late outrounds at the Sunvitational, Dowling Catholic Paradigm, and Lakeland; broke to elimination rounds at nine other tournaments including UPenn, Columbia, and Georgetown; received speaker awards at Lakeland and Yale; and qualified to the Tournament of Champions silver this past year. Locally, was a finalist in the Montgomery County Debate League, undefeated in preliminary rounds. She also volunteers as the Northeast Clothing Drive Organizer for Beyond Resolved, a student led organization aiming to advocate and serve marginalized groups in HS speech and debate. In her free time she enjoys writing, hiking, and playing the piano. 

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